German Made Music Boxes

86-171N - Germany Dregeno Music Box - Musical Angels 86-171n Dregeno German Made Music Box - Musical Angels Music Box. The music box measures approx. 12 cm. tall. The musicbox plays Susser die Glocken nie klingen which translates to The Ringing of the Bells. $64.99

86-202W - Germany Dregeno Music Box - Seiffen Church 86-202w The Dregeno Co. of Germany - Seiffen Church Music Box. The musicbox measures approx. 12.5 cm. in diameter x 12 cm. tall to top of church steeple. The musicbox the plays is Stille Nach. (Silent Night) $89.99

33-01-011c - Germany Bavarian Musikspield (Music Box) - Bavarian Band 33-01-011c Hand painted blue base music box with pewter scroll, plays Edelweisse. $153.99

8702 - Germany Glasser Musicbox - Snowman Band 8702 The music box measures approx. 11 cm. tall x 16 cm in diameter with a 3 piece snowman band and a forest of friends. The musicbox plays " Leise rieselt der schnee" which translates to "The snow falls quietly". $99.99

8801 - Germany Glasser Musicbox - Nativity Scene 8801 The music box measures approx.18.5 cm. tall x 13.5 cm in diameter with Mary, Joseph and Baby Jesus in a manger. The wonderful music box is made all in natural wood and it plays " Stille Nache" which translates to " Silent Night". $99.99

8515 - Germany Glasser Musicbox - Seiffen Church 8515 The German Co. Richard Glasser Music Box - Church of Seiffen.The Church with Carolers measures approx. 18 cm. tall. The musicbox plays Susser die Glocken nie klingen, ( Ringing of the Bells). $69.99